Personalised service for life's
important financial needs

short-term insurance

In South Africa where more than sixty percent of South African vehicles are not insured, one simply cannot afford to be driving on the road without being comprehensively insured, not to mention the crime rate and lack of respect for the belongings of another person. When insuring your personal belongings and assets, one would want to be treated as a person and not as a stranger. Therefore, the personal touch and relationship of a financial planner can never be replaced by any direct system. A financial planner can assist with car, household, homeowners and business insurance.

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medical aid & gap cover

In South Africa where public healthcare is in development, with a long way to go for successful implementation, it is of utmost importance to belong to a medical aid scheme to provide private healthcare.

With all the different structures of medical aid options it can be challenging to choose between capitation, traditional comprehensive, hospital plan, network options, new generation, savings options, hybrid, etc. Not to mention the more than twenty open medical schemes to choose from, and of course the ever-increasing need for gap cover.

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retirement planning & wills

The biggest financial problem in the world is retirement. Currently only six out of one hundred people can retire financially safe and secure at the age of 65. The rest will either still be working, have to downscale very drastically, be dependant on friends, family, government or charity or they will be dead and their loved ones will have a problem. One can never start too early or save too much towards retirement. Financial planning can assist in achieving your retirement goals.

If one should pass away without a will, intestate, your belongings may end in the hands of not necessarily your first choice. It is therefore of utmost importance to draft a will to ensure that your wishes are adhered to and that your loved ones are taken care of the way you planned for. If your estate planning is not structured in a tax efficient manner SARS may be your biggest beneficiary, therefore estate planning is an essential part of financial planning.

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life, disability & dread disease

Life changing or life ending events could have a devastating effect if not properly provided for. In South Africa more than 100 000 breadwinners die per year and more than 40 000 breadwinners lose their ability to do their job, not to mention the numbers on income lost due to some disease. Fortunately one can plan and make provision for these tragic events. Risk planning is part of holistic financial planning.

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travel & leasure insurance

As exciting as travelling abroad may be, in the unfortunate event of disaster, you need to be protected. With a wide range of travel and leasure insurance services, we can help you ensure that you and your belongings are safe whilst abroad and all the way back home.

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investments & savings

The best way to pay for something is with cold hard cash. Investing is not just for wealthy people, it is also there to become wealthy. Financial wisdom and discipline is something anyone can afford. One can save for specific goals in the short, medium or long term. There are various investment options available and almost all of them are better than under the mattress or in a savings bank account.

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